Another two join our family! Lovely but shy~


Just got two new members at home~ HOLOHOLO~

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HOLOHOLO, which means taking leisure walk in Hawaiian.

HOLOHOLO was discovered by a Japanese biology graduates in a diving trip, in the course of bringing it back to Japan for further studies, an astonishing fact was discovered, the waste produced from the shrimp provided nutrients for the algae which in turns provide food and oxygen for the shrimp, the perfect balance within the system is maintained and no unwanted product is produced.

Shrimp is the soul of Hawaii Island of Hawaii under the special shrimp species of shrimp into the general body length of 0.3 ~ 1.0 cm, up to 1.5 cm greater, even though very small, but is a fully-equipped, with two small chelate may be feeding, as well as long beard, a very cute body. When they are frightened when it will fade into the red and white, which is a nature of self-protection, 1 ~ 2 days after the change will gradually come back. They would go every three months a shell, so sometimes in the water to see transparent shrimp shell, but basically a big body will not change.

Hawaiian spiritual eco-balls in the shrimp will not be self-propagation, in order to maintain ecological balance, and in Japan has been the use of biotechnology for ligation, but its life will not be affected, keeping in the normal manner and the situation was not injured, the general can live up to 3 years for up to 8 years.

■ care is very simple, just tear off muse at the top of the box can be! Do not need feeding, cleaning, the water. Attached to the branches of the algae and seaweed shrimp exuviate their food is under the dried small shrimps.

As a result of the ecological system HOLOHOLO perfection loop, so we do not feed, shrimp can survive in Hawaii. Hawaii shrimp to algae attached to sticks and a small amount of container species for food. Gravel where bacteria can breed shrimp waste decomposition in Hawaii, helped generate the growth of the nutritional content of algae. From algae to shrimp Hawaii exhaled carbon dioxide and light combine to carry out photosynthesis, the provision of oxygen in the water.

【Ecosystem HOLOHOLO】

HOLOHOLO and the Earth’s ecological systems, from the sun, water, temperature, food loop, etc., the lack of any one component may affect the biological. Such a large scale as the Earth’s ecosystems, from environmental change and the impact will take some time to become aware of, but the world inside HOLOHOLO small, subtle changes in the environment will have significant impact (for example, the death of shrimp), so please must pay attention to keeping the environment.

【Hawaii shrimp survival time】

Maintain a sound ecological system, can it survive for several years. Shrimp in Hawaii is different from the survival time of individual differences, not all of the shrimp can survive in a few years after the purchase time. In maintaining a sound ecological environment, there are many keepers of 8 years to survive also examples. This small eco-system for keeping the environment as a result there will be a lot of different changes. Rearing environment of instability (for example, too light, temperature out of control), the first will be the death of shrimp in Hawaii, and then as a result of excessive breeding of bacteria, algae increased, and finally is the end of this ecosystem. Ecosystem can be maintained to the extent to which, its whole life depends on your good or bad farming methods.

【Supply】 light

Please provide HOLOHOLO every day from 6 to 12 hours of illumination time. Light for too long will lead to excessive algae growth, the container will be very obvious brown or green algae. At this time, you under the shade HOLOHOLO. A few weeks later, shrimp, seaweed swallowed in Hawaii will be gradually reduced. Do not directly put under the sunlight, this will lead to increased HOLOHOLO degrees.


Hawaii is a very delicate shrimp biology, would impose excessive forces of death. Please do not shake the container, handled with care, watch carefully.

Shrimp in Hawaii is the survival time differences between different individuals, there is not an abnormal phenomenon of death. In a good environment for rearing. Submerged in the container at the bottom of the translucent shrimp shrimp is not dead, it is the rest of the shrimp shell after molting. They molt once every few months, after several repeated after molting it will gradually grow up. Rest of the shrimp shell after molting or dead shrimp in their corruption will be before the other out of the same swallow. Shrimp in Hawaii after the death of the event will produce harmful substances, thereby artificially contaminated water, which led to the death of Hawaii, all shrimp. But they themselves will maintain the balance of the ecosystem will be as soon as possible, or eat organic purification (under exuviate shrimp shells or dead), but never with each other in vivo phagocytosis.

【Environmental change on ecosystem balance】

To maintain the ecosystem and to what extent the life of the entire Hawaiian shrimp farming methods, depending on your good or bad. You must provide a good environment, try to let it go to long-term survival. Hawaii shrimp usually prolonged survival, but because of its wildlife has always been, there is a natural phenomenon of death.

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