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A story about a falling “dragon” in China 傳說福建松溪縣來龍山的龍

A story about a falling “dragon” in Songxi County, Fujian Province, China





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The shadow

A OL was tired and got a light cold after work. She found something wired in cctv while she’ s waiting for a lift in lobby of her place.

The cctv was showing the real time sence, she could see herself in front of the lift door, however, she also saw a shadow in triangle shape next to her. She didn’t know whether it was a problem with the tv as usual or else, but it drew her attention because it was moving! It moved to the left corner of cctv, she was frightened but still watched it till its gone, the lift door was opened at that time, she ran into the lift.

In the next day, she watched the cctv everytime she waited for a lift, however, no more dark triangle appeared, everything seemed fine. Three days later gone, she forgot the shadow and felt good with the sunny day. However, she saw it again on the way she went to work! She’s scared but she wanted to find out what it is. She focused on the triangle, it’s moving to left and gone but back in few seconds, it stopped a while, was it also looking at her?! She’s much concentrating on it! and scared for sure! It’s moving again and gone, but returned again later.she was looking around and searching…oh Jesus!

It’s a fan next to the CCTV camera! damn!

What a idiot!

in hospital 1

It should be a happy & exciting moment for a delivery woman, however, a colleague of mine had some terrible experiences in hospital a year ago.

Day 2

Easy delivery for the third-child mother in the morning, she was tired at night after keeping hard a whole day since yesterday morning. When she went to sleep after feeding at 2am, she suddenly heard a crew of choir singing loudly outside the window with the terrible screaming voice, she saw nothing there and she’s sure she still awoke at the moment.

A second later, she saw the door was opened rudely and following by the curtain being pushed over, a dark shadow in human shape crashed in and grasped her neck. At the same time, another shadow coming pressed her breast hardly. She could not breath and felt scared, she prayed in her heart immediately (as she could neither move nor speak), the song stopped and they both gone in the few seconds (around 10s). She ran out of the room and met a nurse in corridor, “It’s 3am, why don’t you sleep yet?” asked by the nurse, the mother didn’t make it scary, so got an execuse to her, she didn’t dare back to the room and so walked around to the babies room and corridor whole night.

Day 3

She told it to her husband in the next morning, of course he doesn’t believe it, he works there as doctor over 15 years but never met “them”. But he still gave her several bibles for cooling her down. She then told her mum who was a nurse before retire. Her mum told “they” respect the doctors and nurses, so “they” do not “played with” the professtionals, that’s why they didn’t believe it! She suggested her not changing room again, it might cause her husband embarrassing. On the other hand, her mum had just left her a cross after visiting her new born grandson.

She put the bibles on the corners of the bed as well as the small table next to the bed, she believed she’s safe after getting the power from the God to the bibles!

At night, she slept. “Someone” tried to pull away her blanket, she awoke and sensed that it was “them” again, she held it tidy and asked “them” getting away, of course, they didn’t! She prayed loudly (she could speak this time), they left till sunrose. It was exhausting fight, isn’t it?

Day 4

She tidied up at once and waited for her husband at the reception.

A lady in the hospital

Time: around 11pmDate: Oct 2005
Venue: Kwong Wah Hospital
Characters: a male nurse, a patient and his daughter 

It was over 11pm, time to take a look all wards now. This was what the nurse thinking….

“yi, why there’s a lady sitting over there?” a woman sitting next to a patient silently and the patient read a magazine.”

no communication even though no any eye-contact!” The nurse observed a while and thought he had to check it out what’s going on.

He walked close to the bed, the patient kept reading, the woman turned around slowly.

“you…you can not stay here, no visit after 8pm here!” the nurse felt a bit nervous.

“oh sorry! i’m leaving…” the woman apologised and stood up slowly. “dad, i’m going, come with mum tomorrow” she talked to the patient but he seemed hearing nothing, no any reaction.

she left quickly…


P.S.This was not a ghost story in fact.The woman is me, the patient is my dad. my dad has got stroke and he was going to have the thrid surgery the next day. His hearing is not very well after the stroke.

I guess the nurse thought I was a ghost in the first stage (ha ha). Firstly, it is rare that visitors come to the ward at 11pm. And I really said nothing during visiting but just looked at my dad, as I told his hearing is poor, he can’t hear us very well. He has got lots of improvement after the surgeries, at least he can recognize people and some vocabulary; eat and swallow; sit and stand…at this stage.

where is the 18th floor?

My grandparents lived in the 18th floor of an aged public rent flat. my sister and me loved visiting them, probably they always took care of us while my parents worked in daytime. We visited them very often, even Saturday and Sunday, their home became to our paradise!

One of the Sundays, I was around seven or eight, we both were going to visit grandparnts as usaul. We missed the lift we used to get, so we waited for the other two lifts, however, we had to take one or two floors walk. Anyway, children likes running and racing, we both were good examples. While we reached to the 20th floor, we got ready to run.

We ran downstair round and round, but the floor is strange to us, we didn’t familiar with! oops, it’s the 19th. hence, we ran downstair a floor more. oops! again strange to us! sure it was, it’s 17th. we queried… but we were racing, we ran very fast to the upper floor, the 19th still! We slowed down and tried to get back to the 18th floor, but seemed that we trapped in between 17th and 19th, couldn’t reach to 18th. We were afraid, then we went to the 20th floor and took lift back to the podium as per my sister’s suggestion.

A long period later, the same case happened to us again, this time, my sister insisted got a lift down to the podium at once and got the direct lift back to the 18th floor. I wasn’t frightened and wanted to take the “adventure”, my sister didn’t allow for sure.

Few days later, I’d got my term alone! I thought I could “fight” it, but I couldn’t after several times going upstair and downstair. I was scared when i couldn’t get anyone help or lift going down! …The only thing I could do was run…ran to the podium and waited for someone I knew, finally, I found an aunte who was one of grandparents’ neighbors. aiii thanks God!