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Lamma Island

We were going to have walk in Lamma Island with the best friends.

The temple is for The Mother of the Sea, which is blessing the fishmen and villegers in Lamma Island.

One of the reward from the sea.

The route should be taken in 26 minutes to Lamma Winds Energy Station actually, but we took 5 hours at last!

Because of sight visiting,

having tofu dessert,

and shopping..

We were here eventually, a little bit tired, probably waiting made me tired! But this is the first time I came here, I would like to see such winds energy, water energy and solar energy everywhere instead.


Our earth is dying

The radiant water from japan is being polluted our ocean, many of the sea creatives are effected and are polluted! We are the next! We are killing ourselves, we are destroying our place, our earth! The universal balance will be got lost! The earth is the most colorful planet in the Sun’s system, how could we kill her!!

Who can save the universe? Who can save the planet? Who can save our world? Who can save the poor animals?