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Mylook must be terrifying these days, everyone leaves me alone except the gossipped. Im lucky to get mymature boy belonging, helping me, comforting me, and getting in myside! Thank you very very much! Im also lucky to get v and an understood boss here, im pleased to get their well understanding and . Its touching to receive the encouraging messages from him, hes so nice and kind.

This is still difficult, we lost the most important people, why could i think u would be with me some days?
Id never seem your big smile in mydreams before, but u did the night after ur gone! Somebody says it is real if there is no sound in the dream, it was! U laughed but silent, same as id, all of us didnt make any noise.

Were u telling ur pleased to be free eventually? Ur comfortable in walking around with us as usaul? And if the say is true, it is no doubt ur now much happier than the last two years.

Let me dream of u moving forward for getting ur updates, please!
Love u always.

Have a good start

Daddy, u have got a new start, u could move whatever u did, u could go where ever u wanted to, u could do whatever u like!

I saw your big smile, u were smiling all the time, u were enjoying to have a walk with id, u looked like pleased n joy in mydream. U were surprised with everywhere and everything u had been.

Got it! This is the life you are looking for! you were tired of laying over there these two years.

We all miss you and love you forever.

dinosaurs park

We had a special trip in a park where many dinosaurs living there. We travelled around there with an advanced train, it seemed to be safety and ran very fast. I counld’t find any dinosaur, but the beautiful forest instead.

We were then taking rest in a restaurant. Suddenly there was a big crash towards us, ceiling down, people screamed and ran away. Our family stayed at there peaceful (strange???). I saw a big big head of dinosaur! bigger than the room we were, horrible!




it’s just a dream.