The last important day in your life

Your ceremony comes tomorrow, so soon! It will be the last time we see you phyically. Understand i should let go, however, i was thinking u r still there when i made the art works for u. You were still aliving i wish.. i hope..

Both myboss and me have made u a book after collected the letters from the families, boss drew a picture per every passage. Ive made u a pond with the golden fish u liked and some swimming ducks. U can enjoy the peace from it. I also made u the licences, so u can drive n have fights. Should i make a pool for u? U liked swimming! And karaoke! And a bicycle! And pets! ….

Do u meet grandparents? Jacy? Mung? Wong Ka-man? The birds we fed? And your two dogs?

U havent touched me! Or even havent come into mydream so far!? Is it because we were so closed as per SaiSai told?

We all are pleased when we were told u reach to the buddhist side. Will u be one of the Buddha years later? Or u’ll take another job by reborn as SaiSai said? If so, will u come to be mybaby or to be mygrandbb?

Miss u sooooo much! U know??


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