dinosaurs park

We had a special trip in a park where many dinosaurs living there. We travelled around there with an advanced train, it seemed to be safety and ran very fast. I counld’t find any dinosaur, but the beautiful forest instead.

We were then taking rest in a restaurant. Suddenly there was a big crash towards us, ceiling down, people screamed and ran away. Our family stayed at there peaceful (strange???). I saw a big big head of dinosaur! bigger than the room we were, horrible!




it’s just a dream.


2 thoughts on “dinosaurs park

  1. I had thought not to answer any more comments on my blog. Why?
    Being an irresponsible in the antipodes of consciousness, whose only achievement is the lack of emotion, a labourer of horror stumbling all the time futures hanged, I thought to surrender to anonymity, and the intoxication that prevents explanations that don’t convince anyone. But not being just wrath, wheezing or low hysteric, but also delicacy, collection and distinction, and tired of the skepticism that doesn’t abolish seriousness, either, alas, humanity, I decided a compromise: to answer your comments on your own blog.

    On your comment on 2013/08/29:
    “oh yeah, morale are quite important in a team! u were the one who influenced the others”
    My answer:
    “First you build the team, and then you build the torture chamber for underperformers 🙂 “

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