Reblog: the private smoking area



12 thoughts on “Reblog: the private smoking area

  1. The taxi driver was amused to lead me to Ministro Pistarini International Airporton that my day of departure from Buenos Aires. Probably because he was sending my Gallego ass back to Spain. On my part I was not as chuffed since the sucker never, for once, allowed me the satisfaction of a single puff inside his otherwise seedy Fix-or-repair-daily (Ford). Let us point here his lack of understanding about the tribulations of smokers.

    And the laws of physics …

    The guy was telling me he was originally from San Luis and in his hometown puzzling phenomena abound. The most enigmatic is a river where the waters “up”. In other words, the stream flows uphill … And although I felt a little bearish about the fumes issue, that got me to outline a condescending smile.

    After 50 environmentally friendly minutes ride we reach the airport, and nervously taking a stick I joined the band of outcasts who were smoking on the sidewalk for one last deep Lucky prior the long flight out. That time weather was helping and, moreover, I knew the cloth: Never ask for the smoking area of this airport because there is none. And it seems that the staff has been trained to treat smokers with disdain.

    Once I asked a maintenance worker for the nearest indoor smoking area and she replied Outside! with a Joker’s in Batman smile. Outside fortunately is not a long walk…

    In the next seat, already on the plane, was a friendly Polish smoker with whom I had an uplifting chat about -literally- the gas chambers for suckers, also called “Smoking Areas”, which should rather be named “Area of Genocide of the Puffing Species”, slightly larger than a phone booth, where smokers are stacked, standing like a family of meerkats, puffing fumes on each other’s face under a very poor ventilation system.

    Given our affinity I jokingly comment to him on the subject of the San Luis river… The Polish circumspect answer was that this is not an unusual event. In his hometown there’s also a river that runs up. I suddenly feel like sleeping.

    Fuck. Am I missing something?

  2. Reblogged this on /r and commented:
    Dupa noua legislatie din 2013, fumatul va fii interzis in unele locuri publice. Aceasta este o idee ce ar trebui preluata de propietarii de baruri/pub sau restaurante. Grabiti-va. Este in limita stocului!

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