Reblog from Summer: How ‘Bullies’ can arise

for my dearest boy, apologises for my stubbon

Grow your innerself


I was a child of 14 years. My parents just separated. It was a difficult time. No explanation, no consolation, no hug.. Nothing.. I was confused. Questions remained unanswered. I didn’t tell  it to my friends and girlfriends. I embarrassed myself. What I did, I became a ‘ bully. ‘ That was my way of dealing with the pain I felt in me.. My soul was damaged and I didn’t know how to deal with it in a good way. I was a child and lost in my feelings..

At that time I was at the second class of the high school and I assaulting a child from my class. I forgot through this my own pain, that I could not handle. Multiple children assaulting that girl and so I did. At that moment I didn’t  realized what an impact that could have to another person. By the Dean of…

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