how smart you are in using your smartphone?

how smart you are in using your smartphone?

by Samantha Lee

How smart you are in using your smartphone?

The torrent of technological changes in the past couple of decades may have profound influence to your lifestyle. Internet is well recognized as the most profound technological advancement in the last two decade.

This decade, smartphones riding on the internet have driven us crazy and drowned us in the flood of information.

The lifestyle of most people, both personal and business, are changing since the launch of smartphones. We can access to the internet anywhere anytime with this “smart” handheld mobile computing devices (simply speaking, Smartphones) on hand. This means that we can now work and play online 7 x 24 x 365.Will this do us good? It depends…

Simply answer “Yes” or “No” to the following ten questions and you will know whether the smartphones do you good:

Question 1: You’re glued to your smartphone screen day-in and day-out.

Question 2: You spend over 50% of your time checking information from your smartphone while you are in a business meeting or attending a social gathering with friends.

Question 3: You have over 300 “apps” in your smart devices and you never touch half of them in the last 3 months.

Question 4: You never read a printed book or newspaper in the last six months because you read it online with your smartphone.

Question 5: You prefer to “what’s app” your business partner or friends than talk directly to them over the phone.

Question 6: You stop buying CD, DVD and books because you can have freebies from your smartphone.

Question 7: You will return home to fetch your smartphone if you forgot to bring it with you but you will not do the same if you forgot your wallet.

Question 8: Will you be panic if you lost your smart phone?

Question 9: Do you think the emerging of “smartphone” had shot your worklife balance to bits. You will check work email when you are on your way home soon after work.

Question 10: You have one of the following symptoms: Smart Phone Thumb, Cell Phone Elbow, Cell Phone Neck, Smart Phone Nails, Cellular Blindness.

Simply speaking, the use of smartphones causes you discomfort and even pain of your body parts.


0 Yes It means that you don’t have a smartphone. You need to purchase one immediately so as to cope with this “internet” world.

1-4 Yes it’s fine, you are in control of your smartphone.

5 Yes It ‘s a marginal case, be alert how you use your smartphone in a wise way.

6-9 Yes You are not that smart in using your smartphone and you are quite addicted to it.

10 Yes You are crazily addicted to your smartphone and under its control, an immediate review on how you use your “smartphone” is required.

A smartphone is a hybrid of a cell phone and a hand-held computer. The ability to access the Internet from anywhere allows you to perform work outside the physical office and to remain perpetually in touch through social networks and to access  vast of information anywhere, anytime.

While this ability gives users the potential to be more productive and efficient, it also underlies some disadvantages. It makes it difficult for some people to designate a clear delineation between work life and home life.

Frequent checking of email and internet applications takes time and attention away from interpersonal relationships. Spending too much time on it will even affect health.Use your smartphone in a smart way can help increase productivity and efficiency. However, if you are too obsessed with it, you will become the slave of your smart device.An advice to all smartphone users, take your brain with you when you move your fingers. Be smart with your smartphone! 


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