study study study.freeday

studying is our major event in this summer and the holiday is come to the end. the kid always complaints the time in playground was short or even no playing time!

woooof, but the syllabus is quite tight, have to work harder, cannot leave behind..

this is the last day of the summer holidays, i asked v to play with us. myboss is excited, but v bought d a basketball after was told. aiii, one more toy got!

we both did lunch with yy in central, surprised to get a red pocket for being blessed on study! oh, she knows about the customs! woo great~

v pushed d to study again even i agreed with d that today was freeday.. 😐

we walked fasan after study. they both had fun on running on the grass!






not easy to capture it!



found an intetesting insect, dont know what is it.


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