Reblog: When someone rubs you the wrong way

Reblog: When someone rubs you the wrong way

by Anne Sikes

My Life Uncut...Almost

Ha ha…a little massage therapy pun in the title, though this post is not a joke. 🙂  There is a person who really irritates me to no end.  I honestly don’t dislike the person…I wish them well.  But this individual pushes my buttons like crazy.  Usually I just shrug it off.  It may irritate me, but I don’t get into it with them or anything.  The person did something yesterday however that really set me off and got me in a dither. Then, that just ticked me off more. :/  It doesn’t matter in the end, what someone else does and how they push your buttons…or even if it’s intentional or not, or how many others agree with you or whatever.  I am responsible for my own behavior in return.  And yesterday I was having a very difficult time maintaining my cool.

So now, I’m still irritated at that…

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