Reblog: What if God was one of us?

Reblog: What if God was one of us?
by nyparrot


I few days ago I came across a post by Jackie – ‘Taking a Moment to Notice the Wounded Cicada’ – ( ), which made me think: ‘I can so relate to this…’.

I often rescue insects, worms, and spiders. Some people find this behavior of mine peculiar. One of my colleagues once made a joke – “Hey, there’s a bee drowning in the kitchen sink – go rescue it… I rushed into the kitchen… It was too late – the bee’s wings were hopelessly wet, and she didn’t even look like a bee anymore. I felt sad for her.

How many times Mother Nature made us, humans, feel small and helpless in the face of catastrophic events such as earthquakes, hurricanes or tornados?! In the midst of these uncontrollable forces, didn’t we wish and pray some Powers from Above came to our rescue and saved us against all the…

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