Reblog: European Stone Festival 2012

Reblog: European Stone Festival 2012

by Bente Haarstad

poor that no such thing in HK.

Bente Haarstad Photography

For centuries stonemasons and stone carvers have been building cathedrals. Some still do, and this weekend about hundred stone masons from 18 different countries participated in the European Stone Festival. This year for the first time in Norway, in my home town of Trondheim. Here stone masons started to build the Nidarosdomen Cahtedral about 1000 year ago. And in the yard of the former archbishops, todays practitioners of the old craft worked hard all weekend. They all were to make a sculpture from the fairy tales, using a piece of stone, soapstone. That’s the material used for this cathedral, the biggest in Northern Europe.
I don’t know who made the best fairy tale stone, but it was so interesting to see these people working. There are some photos here, and more photos in my photo gallery.

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