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Destiny Number Analysis

Posted on: April 3, 2012

Destiny Number Analysis

The Destiny Number reading is a reading based  on all the letters in your name. It will describe areas of interest to you, and  your own unique abilities.

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Discovering A Life That Matters

Your Destiny Number can guide you toward living a life that really matters to you. As a tool to understand your life experiences, your Destiny Number describes ways in which you can best live in order to live up to your fullest potential. We all have life changing experiences we will pass through. Your own experiences will help to shape the person you will become.

The Destiny number describes those situations, actions and decisions you really are compelled to choose for growth in your life. It’s about following your heart and believing in your inner dreams.

At first, others may more clearly see which decisions are best for you. Consider their wisdom carefully. However, the decision on how you want live your life is always up to you. But, sometimes those close to us can easily identify strengths within us, which we cannot yet see. Your choices and possibilities are limitless. Know that the knowledge that comes from living up to your Destiny Number can be vital toward pursuing your personal growth.

In Numerology, we use a letter chart to convert our names to a corresponding number. To Calculate your Destiny Number you will simply add up all of the letters in your birth name (or a nickname if you choose). The resulting number is then reduced to a single digit, by adding together its own numbers:

A, J, S = 1

B, K, T = 2

C, L, U = 3

D, M, V = 4

E, N, W = 5

F, O, X = 6

G, P, Y = 7

H, Q, Z = 8

I, R = 9

Example: Paris Hilton : 7 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 1 + 8 + 9 + 3 + 2 + 6 + 5 = 60       (6 + 0) = 6

Now, if you also had a Destiny Number 6 like Paris, you would try to keep in mind how your time spent working or just having fun helps to make you feel more confident. For someone with a Destiny Number 6 this might be finding ways to help others connect and find joy in their own lives. When you are younger this might be through volunteer work with a group of close friends. Later in life you may feel compelled to be part a strong part of your community by contributing your time to local schools, hospitals or other community organizations.

Destiny Numbers – Brief Descriptions

Destiny 1: You’ll feel confident when you are: Being inventive or creative, Guiding, Leading, Challenging others You’ll feel challenged when you are: Giving up, Over confident, Domineering, Controlling, Hiding

Destiny 2: You’ll feel confident when you are: Compassionate, Caring, Honest, Receptive, Social, Giving You’ll feel challenged when you are: Feeling isolated, Cut off, Being manipulative, Wavering, Depressed, Chaotic

Destiny 3: You’ll feel confident when you are: Social, Optimistic, Creative, Gregarious, Fun, Caring, Worldly You’ll feel challenged when you are: Domineering, Gossipy, Bragging, Controlling, Manipulative

Destiny 4: You’ll feel confident when you are: Persistent, Loyal, Dependable, Controlled, Determined, Practical You’ll feel challenged when you are: Angry, Heated, Domineering, Fear based, Resistant, Moody, Closed

Destiny 5: You’ll feel confident when you are: Exploring, Curious, Inventive, Discovering, Traveling, Finding your voice You’ll feel challenged when you are: Greedy, Frugal, Coveting, Feeling Stressed, Temperamental, Bored, Uncaring

Destiny 6: You’ll feel confident when you are: Warm, Hospitable, Caring, Parenting, Helping, Concerned You’ll feel challenged when you are: Selfish, Uncaring, Pessimistic, Closed, Mean, Angry, Cold

Destiny 7: You’ll feel confident when you are: Utilizing your intuition, Living Spiritually, Honest, Caring, Having faith You’ll feel challenged when you are: Isolated, Dogmatic, Isolated, Apathetic, Closed, Lost, Angry

Destiny 8: You’ll feel confident when you are: Expressing your authority, persistent, courageous, honest, dedicated You’ll feel challenged when you are: Domineering, Greedy, Manipulative, Dishonest, Disloyal

Destiny 9: You’ll feel confident when you are: Sympathetic, Compassionate, Inspiring, Caring, Determined You’ll feel challenged when you are: Critical, Angry, Manipulative, Bitter, Compulsive


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