The Dragon in JCCAC



JCCAC (aka Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre) is an award winning architectural conversion from the former Shek Kip Mei Factory Estate, which was a stronghold for cottage industries half a century ago. It opened in 2008 and operates as a self-financed, registered charity.

A multi-disciplinary arts village and arts centre, JCCAC provides an interactive platform for artists and the public through interesting arts and cultural events, which include among other things, the annual JCCAC Arts Festival in December, quarterly arts and crafts fair, various themed exhibitions, experimental stage performances, guided cultural tours and art workshops. On most weekends, visitors may find art events and exhibitions being held in JCCAC’s Galleries and Black Box Theatre. Information about events and programmes can be obtained from the JCCAC website, the Programme Guide which JCCAC publishes monthly, or by subscribing to JCCAC e-news. Dotted around JCCAC are art works and interesting art information. Visitors are welcome during opening hours to leisurely stroll around JCCAC and discover for themselves the creative spirit of the place.

Arts Village
As an arts village, JCCAC houses over 100 artists/art organisations pursuing their work in a wide array of art-forms, from painting, sculpture, ceramics, glass art, printmaking, installation, to photography, animation and video production, music, dance and drama. Since most of the units are used as artist studios and artists need to work undisturbed, most units are not normally open to the public, except for some which regularly host exhibitions. In fact, since the artistic output of any resident artist is not limited solely to take place in his/her studio at JCCAC, it is unlikely that any artist would be stationed in his/her studio all day or everyday. More active artists/art organisations would often leave information about their work outside their studio units, and interested visitors may venture to knock to gain entry or make enquiries, or they may wish to find out more from the artist/art organisation’s website before contacting for appointment.

Our Aspiration
We believe in the importance of the arts in helping to build a creative and civilised society, and we hope that the existence of JCCAC will help sow the seeds for increased public awareness, participation and enjoyment of the arts in Hong Kong.

30 pak tin street, shek kip mei, hong kong



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