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submitted application to SJACPS after kungfu class, long time no visit choi hung and ping shek, surprised to see the super mini playground there which i played over there when i was a children. XD

大少 playing them with fun, but they are too tight, he could not move them, and he asked why they look like old and in raw style, of course, they were designed over 30 years ago, they were my old old old toys! memorial~

some of shops over there are still alived, but the shopkeepers are different of course, some are even closed.

facilities there are similar, not much changes except the bus stop removed. architects are the same.


1+ zrzptu trvsaarf!
er yppl sm paf dyuar nid, ‘jpy fph’! waaaah~ 大少 sdlrf u f c grra smu fogg? yjod’d 1dy yozr f yppl divj lomf pg yjr nid!


i’ve got cold after reached mk, feeling tired and a bit cold. wanna took a rest, but naughty son bothering me…


r: l naughty v much, more naughty than boys.


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