The shadow

A OL was tired and got a light cold after work. She found something wired in cctv while she’ s waiting for a lift in lobby of her place.

The cctv was showing the real time sence, she could see herself in front of the lift door, however, she also saw a shadow in triangle shape next to her. She didn’t know whether it was a problem with the tv as usual or else, but it drew her attention because it was moving! It moved to the left corner of cctv, she was frightened but still watched it till its gone, the lift door was opened at that time, she ran into the lift.

In the next day, she watched the cctv everytime she waited for a lift, however, no more dark triangle appeared, everything seemed fine. Three days later gone, she forgot the shadow and felt good with the sunny day. However, she saw it again on the way she went to work! She’s scared but she wanted to find out what it is. She focused on the triangle, it’s moving to left and gone but back in few seconds, it stopped a while, was it also looking at her?! She’s much concentrating on it! and scared for sure! It’s moving again and gone, but returned again later.she was looking around and searching…oh Jesus!

It’s a fan next to the CCTV camera! damn!

What a idiot!


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