in hospital 1

It should be a happy & exciting moment for a delivery woman, however, a colleague of mine had some terrible experiences in hospital a year ago.

Day 2

Easy delivery for the third-child mother in the morning, she was tired at night after keeping hard a whole day since yesterday morning. When she went to sleep after feeding at 2am, she suddenly heard a crew of choir singing loudly outside the window with the terrible screaming voice, she saw nothing there and she’s sure she still awoke at the moment.

A second later, she saw the door was opened rudely and following by the curtain being pushed over, a dark shadow in human shape crashed in and grasped her neck. At the same time, another shadow coming pressed her breast hardly. She could not breath and felt scared, she prayed in her heart immediately (as she could neither move nor speak), the song stopped and they both gone in the few seconds (around 10s). She ran out of the room and met a nurse in corridor, “It’s 3am, why don’t you sleep yet?” asked by the nurse, the mother didn’t make it scary, so got an execuse to her, she didn’t dare back to the room and so walked around to the babies room and corridor whole night.

Day 3

She told it to her husband in the next morning, of course he doesn’t believe it, he works there as doctor over 15 years but never met “them”. But he still gave her several bibles for cooling her down. She then told her mum who was a nurse before retire. Her mum told “they” respect the doctors and nurses, so “they” do not “played with” the professtionals, that’s why they didn’t believe it! She suggested her not changing room again, it might cause her husband embarrassing. On the other hand, her mum had just left her a cross after visiting her new born grandson.

She put the bibles on the corners of the bed as well as the small table next to the bed, she believed she’s safe after getting the power from the God to the bibles!

At night, she slept. “Someone” tried to pull away her blanket, she awoke and sensed that it was “them” again, she held it tidy and asked “them” getting away, of course, they didn’t! She prayed loudly (she could speak this time), they left till sunrose. It was exhausting fight, isn’t it?

Day 4

She tidied up at once and waited for her husband at the reception.


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