A lady in the hospital

Time: around 11pmDate: Oct 2005
Venue: Kwong Wah Hospital
Characters: a male nurse, a patient and his daughter 

It was over 11pm, time to take a look all wards now. This was what the nurse thinking….

“yi, why there’s a lady sitting over there?” a woman sitting next to a patient silently and the patient read a magazine.”

no communication even though no any eye-contact!” The nurse observed a while and thought he had to check it out what’s going on.

He walked close to the bed, the patient kept reading, the woman turned around slowly.

“you…you can not stay here, no visit after 8pm here!” the nurse felt a bit nervous.

“oh sorry! i’m leaving…” the woman apologised and stood up slowly. “dad, i’m going, come with mum tomorrow” she talked to the patient but he seemed hearing nothing, no any reaction.

she left quickly…


P.S.This was not a ghost story in fact.The woman is me, the patient is my dad. my dad has got stroke and he was going to have the thrid surgery the next day. His hearing is not very well after the stroke.

I guess the nurse thought I was a ghost in the first stage (ha ha). Firstly, it is rare that visitors come to the ward at 11pm. And I really said nothing during visiting but just looked at my dad, as I told his hearing is poor, he can’t hear us very well. He has got lots of improvement after the surgeries, at least he can recognize people and some vocabulary; eat and swallow; sit and stand…at this stage.


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