where is the 18th floor?

My grandparents lived in the 18th floor of an aged public rent flat. my sister and me loved visiting them, probably they always took care of us while my parents worked in daytime. We visited them very often, even Saturday and Sunday, their home became to our paradise!

One of the Sundays, I was around seven or eight, we both were going to visit grandparnts as usaul. We missed the lift we used to get, so we waited for the other two lifts, however, we had to take one or two floors walk. Anyway, children likes running and racing, we both were good examples. While we reached to the 20th floor, we got ready to run.

We ran downstair round and round, but the floor is strange to us, we didn’t familiar with! oops, it’s the 19th. hence, we ran downstair a floor more. oops! again strange to us! sure it was, it’s 17th. we queried… but we were racing, we ran very fast to the upper floor, the 19th still! We slowed down and tried to get back to the 18th floor, but seemed that we trapped in between 17th and 19th, couldn’t reach to 18th. We were afraid, then we went to the 20th floor and took lift back to the podium as per my sister’s suggestion.

A long period later, the same case happened to us again, this time, my sister insisted got a lift down to the podium at once and got the direct lift back to the 18th floor. I wasn’t frightened and wanted to take the “adventure”, my sister didn’t allow for sure.

Few days later, I’d got my term alone! I thought I could “fight” it, but I couldn’t after several times going upstair and downstair. I was scared when i couldn’t get anyone help or lift going down! …The only thing I could do was run…ran to the podium and waited for someone I knew, finally, I found an aunte who was one of grandparents’ neighbors. aiii thanks God!


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